Ikaros Cup 1 done!

2013-04-28 08:17 av Thomas Johansson 

The club competition Ikaros Cup 1 is over. It's a duration competition with individual stars, goal time is 6 minutes and max landingpoints is 30, decreasing with 2 points per meter. One throwout in four rounds means 3 best flights of 4. Joakim shared first place losing only 3 point. Lennart was also on the podium sharing the 3 place. Thomas and Pasi shared the 6 place losing 8 points from max. Overall the weather was easy so the competition was more or less a landing competition. with a lot of people flying max time in aleast 3 rounds. Total we were 17 competitors.


Ikaros Cup 1

2013-04-26 17:44 av Thomas Johansson 

Tomorrow is the first Ikaros Cup club competition with the hole team on the field.


We hope to be able to update the About us soon with some history.

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