Championship is over

2013-08-21 21:14 av Thomas Johansson 

The worlds is over.

The first half of the competition was very good for the hole team. Unfornatley we were not able to hold those results during the hole week. The competition was a real demand for us and all other team with very light brezes and high temperature. I think we take some hit at the last days because of the temerature and the small team we were. At a late stage Peter Viman Joined the team instead of Per Nilsson that got a injury in his back offcourse late changes also influnce the preparations even if Peter has a lot of rutin from F3B.


The pilots want to thank the helpers, Lennart, Bjarne and Peter. The sponsors and the SMFF for all help and support during this worlds. This will most probably be the last post for this time. 


Team Sweden is looking forward to se you all soon again!


AGL Grand Masters F3B

2013-06-18 21:41 av Thomas Johansson 

Last weekend was the competition AGL Grand Masters at Brattforshedens airfiled. The field is from many point of views a very god F3B field with 1x1 square km of low cut grass! The competion was won by Joakim with Pasi as second and Thomas on third place.


Ikaros Cup 2

2013-06-11 22:38 av Thomas Johansson 

Last wensday was the club competition Ikaros Cup 2. The wind was nerly zero and because of the limited power on the winch in this club competition the start height was low. It made it difficult for a lot of pilots and the activity in the air made it even more tricky. Joakim won the competition and Thomas on second place. Pasi didn't participate. Nice to se was also Lennart doing some nice flights with an oldtimer plane. In the coming weekend it's the Swedish championship in F3B.


Ironworks Trophy

2013-05-27 16:47 av Thomas Johansson 

Pasi won the competition in Finland. Joakim ended on fourth place and Thomas on eight place. The competition was were nice with twenty Finnish competitors and in total 28. The weather conditions was wery challenging with big sinks, lot of wind and turbulence from the forest.


Örebro Open

2013-05-19 22:17 av Thomas Johansson 

This weekends competitions is over. Joakim won the comptetiosn and Pasi on place 4 and Thomas on place 5. Lennart and Bjarne was also flying and that offcourse mean a lot of work for the hole team with 5 flying pilots in a competition with 25 competitiors. In total 5 complete rounds were flown and an additional sixth speed. Now we look forward for the next World Cup competition in Finland next weekend.

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